picture case

We at Picture Case have produced range's of quality ABS/Polycarbonate trolley cases, in 20", 24" and 28" sizes, with distinctive designs and images, making your luggage stand out from the crowd!

The company was formed in 2008, based in Great Dunmow, Essex, and was born out of the idea of making luggage more identifiable, attractive and interesting. We found people would put ribbons, labels and tape on their cases so they could spot them on the luggage carousel, against all the other bland cases. The "light bulb" moment came when one of our directors, on a budget airline flight, travelling with just hand luggage, picked up the wrong plain black "on flight" trolley case, from the over head locker when getting off the plane. Surely, there must be a way of making luggage more identifiable?!?

Now there is! Picture Case 


We have also seen a gap in the luggage market for children's travel accessories. So we have a cool Kid's luggage range called "The Cuties and pals", which give kids their own animal shaped trolley case plus a matching back pack. There are 8 "Cuties", a pig, ladybird, chick, panda, dalmatian, bee and a penguin case and ruck sack combo to choose from. Ideal for children of all ages.


Our aim is to build a brand that people will recognise as a quality and interesting product, adapting our ranges to meet trends and fashions. We will expand our ranges to meet peoples' taste and interests.

We are now distributing the Cuties and Pals in 26 countries, including New Zealand, Norway, Germany, Austria, CZ Republick, Slovina, Poland, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, USA, South Africa, Dubai, Spain, Mexico, Korea, Ireland, Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong, with more coming soon. Please contact us for a distributor details in your country.

We can produce personalised cases for Companies or individuals, but currently, only with a minimum order or 500 units. This is part of our product development, to be able to provided luggage with a personalised picture, at an affordable cost.

So keep in touch with us via our news letter to see where we go from here!