Scotish Deal at Trade show

We will be exhibiting at The Scotland Trade Fair 24th-26th January and will be offering a special deal to all buyers who place an order with us for stock at the show.

Those who place an order then and there, at the show, will get our 2009 trade price! And who would'nt want to order our cases? Seem's a no brainer!

Hope to see you there, where we will be unvailing our Scotish Flag case and the Manchester United sample case for the first time to the public.


The wait is finally over. Our first container of cases is here. It arrived in the UK on 1st November but Customs must have liked them, as they held it back so the could have a good look!

The first 5 designs, in all sizes are now on the way to our warehouse, and our first pre-order retailers will be soon receiving our great looking luggage to brighten up their displays. You too can now order on line for yourself or for a Christmas present, so have a search for those designs that are now in stock, coz I wont tell you!

Put our cases on your wish list!

Picture Case products are now available via Amazon, so you can now add your favourite design to your wish list, and hopefully Santa will take note!      

All our designs and sizes will be available, and like on our own website, they will be available with FREE delivery.


We have just agreed a licensing deal with Manchester United to be able to produce cases for them.

These will be available via our own web site, Man Utd. club shops, and will be sold into retailers through-out the UK.      Picture Case are proud to be associated with such a large brand, and the first design should be available in early 2010.