They are finally here! Our new Cuties, Pookie the Pig and Cazbi the Bee went on sale in the shops for the first time last Wednesday when we took the first batch to Bentalls in Kingston for their special late night shopping event.

In a great Christmas atmosphere, thousands of shoppers flocked through the large depatment store, with our displaying catching the eye of young and old. Many Cuties were sold, with Pookie coming out tops!

Meet Mr & Mrs Picturecase

Come and meet Mr & Mrs Picturecase tomorrow , 24th November, ,as we will be at Bentalls annual Daily Telegraph event, for their late night Christmas shopping night. We will be in the Luggage department (naturally!) from 6pm to 10pm at Bentalls, Wood St Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey KT1 1TX.

We will be there promoting the new Cuties and Pals, Cazbi & Pookie, as well as our other products, so we would love to meet you and sell you one of our fantastic cases!

There Here!!!

At last, after manufacturing delays, a typhoon in Asian waters, high winds and fog at Felixstowe, our containers of new (and old) Cuties have finally docked and are on the way to our warehouse. So get your Xmas orders in before they sell out!

Our new "shop" page has now gone live, making it easier (we think) to find a case suitable for you. Let us know what you think on our facebook page.


Due to the high winds yesterday, the ship with our new "Cuties", Pookie the Pig and Cazbi the Bee, on could not dock, so has gone off to Hamburg and will return on 19th!

We are really sorry for al those customers who pre-ordered, but we will get them out to you as soon as they arrive in our warehouse. Well in time for Christmas, so don't fret!

Thanks for your patience.