There Here!!!

At last, after manufacturing delays, a typhoon in Asian waters, high winds and fog at Felixstowe, our containers of new (and old) Cuties have finally docked and are on the way to our warehouse. So get your Xmas orders in before they sell out!

Our new "shop" page has now gone live, making it easier (we think) to find a case suitable for you. Let us know what you think on our facebook page.


Due to the high winds yesterday, the ship with our new "Cuties", Pookie the Pig and Cazbi the Bee, on could not dock, so has gone off to Hamburg and will return on 19th!

We are really sorry for al those customers who pre-ordered, but we will get them out to you as soon as they arrive in our warehouse. Well in time for Christmas, so don't fret!

Thanks for your patience.


New 'Home Page' goes live!

Today, our designers made our new "home page" live, which we think looks great, and hopefully, will make shopping easier for you to get your "Picture Cases" and "Cuties and Pals" for Christmas.

We also hope to have our new product pages live by the end of the week (no pressure Gerrard!!).

Please let us know your thoughts on the home page by Tweeting us or putting a note on our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/Picturecase/119303731415464

The Cuties and Pals available at Amazon!

Our on-line shop has now sold out of Our Penguin,Peko, from the "Cuties and pals" kids luggage range. But they are available on this site via a link to our Amazon shop, which still have some in stock.

We have more "Cuties and Pals" on the way, but the shipment was delayed, and will not reach the UK till early November, which will include our 2 new designs, Pookie the Pid and Cazbi the Bee, just in time for Santa to stock up for Christmas!