New 'Home Page' goes live!

Today, our designers made our new "home page" live, which we think looks great, and hopefully, will make shopping easier for you to get your "Picture Cases" and "Cuties and Pals" for Christmas.

We also hope to have our new product pages live by the end of the week (no pressure Gerrard!!).

Please let us know your thoughts on the home page by Tweeting us or putting a note on our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/Picturecase/119303731415464

The Cuties and Pals available at Amazon!

Our on-line shop has now sold out of Our Penguin,Peko, from the "Cuties and pals" kids luggage range. But they are available on this site via a link to our Amazon shop, which still have some in stock.

We have more "Cuties and Pals" on the way, but the shipment was delayed, and will not reach the UK till early November, which will include our 2 new designs, Pookie the Pid and Cazbi the Bee, just in time for Santa to stock up for Christmas!


We have a distributor now for the US, Trendy Kid, that has taken "the Cuties and Pals" to the American people, and they love 'em!

They have been exhibited at a trade show in Las Vegas, and today placed their first order of a container.

Following on from distributors in Switzerland, Singapore and Spain, we are now in discussions with a company for the Far East. Picture case world domination is taking shape!


Directors Gavin and Suzanne Naismith entered the Den looking for an investment of £80,000 for 15% of the company, to increase designs and help promote the "Picture Case" and "The Cuties and Pals" brands.

Unfortunately, BBC only showed 2 minutes of the hour and a half they were in the Den, but the general thoughts of all 5 Dragons was that the company had been successfully launched and was growing very well. They felt that our courageous duo did not need investment. “What are you doing here” asked Theo, “You are doing fantastically well!”. Theo felt we just need a helping hand from our Bank!

All the Dragons liked the products, especially Cheri the panda and Peko the penguin, “I’d buy one for my kids” said Peter Jones. It’s a shame they didn’t show Duncan Bannatyne with a Cutie back pack on and pulling his panda case along!!