Our bank, HSBC, have nominated us for "Start up Stars of the Year", which they look for the best "young" businesses, under 4 years old.

In its 10th year, HSBC single out what they feel as the best example of entrepreneurial excellence, and award the winners with £50,000 worth of business grants. The company Ferrari is not that far away then!!


One of our Picture Cases has been shortlisted in the 2010 Gift of the year award.

From the "Celebration" range, our Bridal "Just Married" case has been chosen from hundreds of entries, to go through to the 2nd round, with the final 3 winning and comended products being chosen by the Judges on 21st June.

Fingers crossed we make the last 3!


Due to the success of our popular children’s range, "the Cuties and Pals", we have now created a Facebook page and Twitter page for kids (and adults!) to follow, finding out what Peko, Congo, Pippi, Cheri and Cubbi are up to.

It will also encourage Kids to tell us where they have taken their "Cuties", up load pictures of them, and give news on NEW "Cuties" plus competitions.

So why not become a Facebook friend or follow them on twitter!


Picture Case has its first agent, who will look after our folk North of the boarder.

Lesley Robertson will start immediately, looking after all our existing retailers in Scotland, and hopefully, bring new ones on board.

If you would like the opportunity of being an Agent for our exciting Brand, in other parts of the UK, then contact us by phone or email. We would love to hear from you.