Time to say goodbye to Pookie the Pig

We never like losing our "Pals", but to make way for new Cuties, we have to retire some of our current gang.

So, as we have a new Cutie coming in September, we are having to say goodbye to Pookie the pig. We still have stock, so you can still get her, but not for long!


Our NEW Cutie London sticker bus is now in stock!

Kids can decorate this 4 wheel trolley case, with packs of Cutie stickers, then Ride, scoot or pull along this iconic London Bus.

Great fun for those trips away!

New Cuties are nearly here!

Our NEW CUtie Pipi the Owl will be here next week.

While our great NEW "Ride on" case, The Cutie London Sticker Bus will be here the week after.

So pre-order now to be the first to have the newest Cutie case or back pack!


Riat Ora, was seen pulling one of our Cuties, Polka the ladybird, or ladybug as she is known over seas!

She had over 150 comments of her Instagram picture, saying how cute and cool her luggagewas, as if we did'nt know!

For the full story see Daily Mail story