New Cuties are nearly here!

Our NEW CUtie Pipi the Owl will be here next week.

While our great NEW "Ride on" case, The Cutie London Sticker Bus will be here the week after.

So pre-order now to be the first to have the newest Cutie case or back pack!


Riat Ora, was seen pulling one of our Cuties, Polka the ladybird, or ladybug as she is known over seas!

She had over 150 comments of her Instagram picture, saying how cute and cool her luggagewas, as if we did'nt know!

For the full story see Daily Mail story 


Due to our NEW designs coming next month, we need to make some space in our warehouse, so we are having a SALE!

£5 off Cutie back packs and £10 of Cutie sets!

Arsenal and national cases down from £64.99 to £39.99.

All for one week only!

New Cuties will be here soon!

Our New edition to the Cuties and Pals line up, Pipi the Owl, and our fantastic NEW London sicker bus trolley case, will be here at the end of April.

Our London Bus has really caught theeye, everywhere we have shown it, as the sticker pack, which it comes with, allows children to personalise the 4 wheel case themselve, plus the shoulder strap (which gives an extra carrying option) can also be used as a pulling lead for kids to ride on.

We will be taking pre-orders very soon!